ROS052E: LOAD MODULE RSSCxxxx NOT FOUND on Startup with CA Roscoe

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Monitor routines provide extensions to CA ROSCOE that permit users to perform functions that are not currently part of the Roscoe command language. Monitors are invoked via a RUN command in the Roscoe startup parameters. 


I am trying to install the new version of ROSCOE and getting error messages. The region comes up and stays up but I see the following in the sysout:


How do I resolve this?  Will this error keep Roscoe from working properly?


At the Roscoe 6.0 release level, support for a number of monitor programs was discontinued. Issue HELP NEW OBS on the Roscoe command line for a summary of facilities that are obsolete. Or enter HELP xxx where xxx is the monitor name. Also please refer to Section 3.1 Discontinued Support in the CA Roscoe 6.0 Release Guide.

Not all monitors were supplied with CA Roscoe. Certain other products also supplied monitors for CA Roscoe such as TSS & SIM by CA Top Secret. Monitors were also supplied by other vendors outside CA. In these cases, the monitors were supplied by those product and will be supported by that product.

In addition, CA Roscoe supports user written monitors. Many companies have written their own monitors for CA Roscoe. In this case, you are responsible for maintaining the source code for these monitors and will need to recompile them and then include them in the CA Roscoe load library if you want to continue using them.


The errors will not affect Roscoe.  To stop the error message, remove RUN= from the Roscoe startup parameters and the error message ROS052E will no longer be displayed at startup. Please use the suggested replacements.

        ALL (RSSCALL0):   Use the Library Facility 
        CAT (RSSCCAT0):   Use the Data Set Facility 
        JCL (RSSCJCL0):   Use the JCK Monitor command  (RSSCJCK0)
        PDS (RSSCPDS0):   Use the Data Set Facility 
        RIF  (RSSCRIF0):  This monitor is no longer necessary, use SMP  procedures 
        UTIL (RSSCUTI0):  Use the Data Set Facility
        VCAT (RSSCVCA0):  Use the Data Set Facility
        VTOC (RSSCVTO0):  Use the Data Set Facility 


For assistance in replacing the functionality of a monitor, removing a monitor, or in determining if you have an obsolete monitor, user written monitor or a monitor written by another product in CA or another company, please contact CA Support.