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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When we issue the F SPLx,STATUS command, our ROOT LDS shows the following:

CADD081I SPLS 00-Root
CADD067I SPLS Blocks Total=00009000 Used=00009000 Pct=100

Is this something that we need to be concerned with? Does this mean our LDS files are full and no additional data can be processed into the LDS files?


As of release 11.0 of CA Dispatch and higher, we no longer store the "physical Data" related to reports or MSGCLASS in the ROOT LDS file like we did with ENFSPL used for release 6.0 of CA Dispatch.

In current releases of CA Dispatch the ONLY information that we do store in the ROOT LDS is control information for mapping out the entire CADZSPLx environment.

It's NORMAL and expected in current releases that your ROOT LDS file will always shows as 100% full. This is in no way indicative of a problem and it does not mean that additional physical data associated to REPORTS and MSGCLASS data can not be processed into the LDS files.

The physical data associated to the REPORTS and MSGCLASS data that CA Dispatch has or will be processing is actually stored in space allocated for the APPENDED LDS files.