Root Cause- "DevTest Portal is not loading the list of deployed VSMs"

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Last Modified Date : 29/10/2018
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We would like to know what the root cause is of why DevTest Portal is not loading the list of deployed VSMs" and whether/when this issue could be fixed.

Why does this happen?
Environment: DevTest 10.x

The issue was resolved by renaming /removing the VSE_2013 folders under $DEVTEST_HOME/vseBuilderSession/ and $DEVTEST_HOME/vseRecording/.

Steps followed:
***************** .
Stop the VSE Service. .
Navigate to the $DEVTEST_HOME/vseBuilderSession/.
Rename the VSE_2013 folder to VSE_2013bkp.
Navigate to $DEVTEST_HOME/vseRecording/.
Rename the VSE_2013 folder to VSE_2013bkp.
Start the VSE Service.
When the VSE starts, new VSE_2013 folders will be created again.
DevTest 10.x
This error happens when files in the vsBuilderSessions/VSE_2013 or vseRecording\VSE_2013 get corrupted. How they get corrupted we do not know. 

The vsBuilderSessions creates bundles when you create Virtual Services from the Portal. These bundle contain resources needed for this Virtual Service, for example aWSDL files or RR pairs. There are cached names for these bundles in the vsBuilderSession catalog. if files are damaged or deleted or changed, VSE cannot load it, and as a result it throws the error. 

The vseRecording is used when recording a Virtual Service using DevTest Portal, the raw traffic is created in this folder. 

To my knowledge there is no patch for this since there can be a variety of reasons why these folders can get corrupted. Space issues where the Portal is running, memory issues, etc.