Rollback mechanism fails when using a different OS user on the same machine (same agent)

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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When using a Rollback mechanism as a different OS user (rollback activated), the actions will be blocked stating the OS user does not have write permissions on the agent backup directory, even if the user has full permissions to that directory.

  1. Run a deployment on a JBoss v6 machine – based on Linux (rollback activated). As a result, a new folder and items are created in the agent backup directory that are owned by the OS user who ran the JBoss v6 deployment.
  2. Run another Deployment Workflow or any other action on the same machine, but with a different OS user (again, rollback activated). As a result, the action will fail since the user doesn't have write permission on the agent backup directory that was created by the previous OS user.
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Root Cause: The default location for backups was changed to [client#]-[login object name].
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Fix Status: Released

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Package.ITPA.Shared 1.1.2 - Available
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