script Not Changing robot.cfg After Changing the Answer File

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Last Modified Date : 10/10/2018
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Install UIM robot on Linux / UNIX system using the robot native installer.
Execute the script to build the robot.cfg file.
Modify the nms-robot-vars.cfg answer file and make changes (add key value pairs not included in the original version or change values of existing keys).
Execute the script again.
No changes are made to the robot.cfg file.
UIM any release
robot - any version
The script is designed to created the initial robot.cfg file from the key values specified in the initial nms-robot-vars.cfg answer file.
It is not designed to update the robot.cfg file with subsequent changes made to the nms-robot-vars.cfg answer file

After the robot is installed using the Linux/UNIX robot native installer, the expects the robot.cfg file to be a copy of a template with entries similar to the following:

domain = ~DOMAIN
robotip = ~ROBOTIP
robotname = ~ROBOTNAME
robotip_alias = ~ROBOTIP_ALIAS
controller_port = ~CONTROLLER_PORT
spooler_port = ~SPOOLER_PORT
hubip = ~HUBIP
hub_dns_name = ~HUB_DNS_NAME
hubdomain = ~HUBDOMAIN
first_probe_port = ~FIRST_PROBE_PORT

The first time you successfully build the robot.cfg file with the script, all of the key values in the robot.cfg file are replaced with the corresponding key values from the nms-robot-vars.cfg answer file. Any key that does not have a value in the nms-robot-vars.cfg answer file is deleted from the final robot.cfg file as well.

For example, if your initial nms-robot-vars.cfg answer file did not contain the following entry:


The first time you executed the script, the following line is deleted from the robot.cfg file:

first_probe_port = ~FIRST_PROBE_PORT

If you add, first_probe_port=48000, to the nms-robot-vars.cfg answer file and run the script a second time, the robot.cfg file will not change because this script is looking to replace ~FIRST_PROBE_PORT, with the value extracted from the answer file.

The same is true it you try to change the value of any key in the initial nms-robot-vars.cfg answer file to a new value. The script will not update the value in the robot.cfg file if you execute the script another time because it is looking for a ~<KEY_NAME> entry in the current robot.cfg file to update.
Once the script is successfully executed and a robot.cfg file is built from a nms-robot-vars.cfg answer file, the only way to make changes to the robot.cfg is to manually edit the file using a text editor or make changes to the controller probe through is Configure and/or Raw Configure GUI.