Roadmap Target and in plan values display multiplied by a million when the logged in user locale is non US

Document ID : KB000124339
Last Modified Date : 19/02/2019
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1. Login to PPM and ensure the user locale on the Account Settings is set to US
2. Go to the new UX
3. Go to roadmaps
4. Create a new roadmap
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5. Go to Grid view and add a couple of Roadmaps items
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6. Through Settings > Add Capital Cost as a target
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7. Edit the target and add a value of 60. It saves correctly
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8. Change the user locale to Spanish (same issue with any non locale US is suspected / possibly related to the usage of commas or dots as decimal separators)
9. Log out and log in again on the new UX
10. Go back to the roadmap
11. Add some Capital Cost values to the Roadmap items and check them In Plan
12. Check the target value
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Expected result: Values expected to display correctly
Actual result: The Capital Cost target and In Line values always display multiplied by a million. 
CA PPM 15.4.1, 15.5.1
This is caused by DE46419
This is currently fixed in 15.6