RMOJCL report is receiving Proc Step not found in JCL.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We've run the program coded like this for years; 


It's come to my attention the RMOJCL report doesn't seem to be correct.  

There is a job that comes up with a 3J code, Proc Step not found in JCL. This code seems to be wrong. 
The proc is found, the step in the JCL and proc are correct, as is the sysout DD.


CA Deliver 12.1


The RMOJCL set up to simply look at job FSQ301, Jobstep SQ35, Procstep UA99, DD ACR, RPT SQ301-BAL1.

When running with the CHECK option, the documentation states: 
The keyword CHECK can be coded as the second subparameter of the PARM field on the EXEC statement (for example, PARM='DELIVER.SYSTEM1,CHECK') to compare job definitions in the database to the production JCL. 

So, it is looking at all the JCL and comparing to the definitions as they are in the Deliver database. 
In the RMOJCL output, do a find on the report mentioned SQ301-BAL1, scrolling over to the right, look at RC = 3J.

Then, max down and see a table in there: 

RMOJCL01 Explanation of reason code determined during PARM=CHECK processing 
RC first character: 
1) Job not found 
2) Step not found 
3) Proc step not found <--------------------------The error indicates 
4) DD name not found 
5) Omitted per 'OMIT' control statement 
RC second character: 
D) in database 
J) in JCL <--------------------------The error indicates 

This looks like that definition in your Deliver DB does not match what is actually in the JCL. 

The report SQ301-BAL! From DD ACR is listed under the member SQ301YE not member SQ301.

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