Rights needed to discover CCA Blueprints on Linux\Unix and Vmware

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Last Modified Date : 11/12/2018
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What commands (and/or access rights) are needed to discover blueprints for a Linux and Unix system as well as VMWare vCenter (ESXi).

The CCA Documentation has a list of commands for the sudoers file (https://docops.ca.com/ca-configuration-automation/12-8-5/en/administrating/configure-sudo-for-unix-and-linux-softagent-discovery); however, that is intended for CA Network Discovery Gateway (CA NDG), not blueprint discovery

For VMWare, full readonly access (every command in readonly mode) is required.  CCA use all the readonly commnads to gather information.

For any Linux\Unix(HP-UX), there are many commands that are run out of the box, and with the ability to create\modify blueprints, the ability is endless. Hence, CCA require either a readonly root-level account with write access to /tmp OR a user with sudo privileges.
If you want the exact breakdown of each command, you will need to go though every blueprint that you are using or plan on using and check the components and parameters for every entry command (also some in verification directive)