REVMGR-20160: Disassociating A Location From A Department

Document ID : KB000024367
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When setting up an Entity, a Location OBS Unit was incorrectly associated to a Department OBS Unit and the association needs to be corrected.

I tried to remove the association from one of the following places:

Home, Organization: Departments, Locations sub tab

or from Administration, Finance Management: Setup, Locations, Departments sub tab

But each time an error was displayed:

REVMGR-20160:Cannot disassociate location and department because they are being used in the clntsupp table.

How do I resolve this error?



This error indicates that the location and department association has been used for one or more companies. To find out the compmanies that already hold references of this association in the clntsupp table, check each of the Company records in the application.  If there are too many records to view and drill into the financial properties pages, run the following query:

select company_code from clntsupp

Note: the LOCATIONID is the value of the Location ID field on the Location Properties page; the DEPARTCODE is the value of the Department ID field on the Department Properties page. Not the internal record identification. 

Now that you have a list of which Companies are using the Department and Location OBS Units, you can go into the application and update the Financial properties page.

Navigate to Home, Financial Management: Companies, search for and open the specific Company record, then navigate to the Financial properties page.

Here you can select a different location or department from within the same Entity for the company. Once this has been done for all companies listed in the results from the query above, you will be able to disassociate the location and the department.