Agile Central: Revision History shows "Value too long to display"

Document ID : KB000047926
Last Modified Date : 03/12/2018
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When a revision for an object is created, it includes revision text for all of the attributes that changed during the event. There is one exception and that is when an object is created the revision will say "Original version".


The entire revision text for a single revision is limited to 4000 bytes. The maximum revision text for a single attribute change within a revision is limited to 2000 bytes (except a discussion post which is limited to 4000 bytes). If a single attribute's revision change text is more than 2000 bytes the attribute's revision change will say "value too long to display". This usually occurs for description attribute changes since the description field can be large.


Example: DESCRIPTION changed [value too long to display]


When a revision contains multiple attribute changes and the length of the entire revision text is greater than 4000 bytes we truncate the revision text and append to the end of the text " and more ...".



It's all based on the how the RevisionHistory is stored in the database which is a 4000 byte limit for that column. That could be changed to something larger (for example, a clob field) and that is an ALM Product decision.
There is not a workaround at this time. This information is also not accessible through our Web Services API.
Additional Information:

What is the limit (i.e. number of fields that are changed, text of each field name, etc) that must be exceeded in order to show "and more..." in a revision history (not to be confused with character limit related to [value too long])??

When the total length of all of the changes exceeds 4000 bytes we display the "...and more". When one field is greater than 2000 bytes we display FOR THAT FIELD "too long to display".