Restore of CA APM Smartstor backup does not show any agents

Document ID : KB000122782
Last Modified Date : 09/12/2018
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A CA APM Smartstor backup from a Production Collector was restored to a Development Collector so that agent data from tier1 (15 second frequency) could be accessed. However in the the Workstation Investigator under Manager->Mount Agents there are no agents visible.
Also after stopping the Development Collector and running SmartStor tools command "list_agents" only the virtual agent for the current Collector is shown and no real agents are listed.
CA APM Enterprise Manager 9.x, 10.x
The Production Collector EM_HOME/config/ file had the 3 smartstor properties set as follows: 
So the metadata is stored under EM_HOME/data and not under /opt/apm/smartstor. When the SmartStor backup was restored only directory /opt/apm/smartstor was restored.
As well as restoring directory /opt/apm/smartstor the directory EM_HOME/data/metadata also needs to be restored so that the SmartStor is 100% complete on the Development Collector.
Additional Information:
Before the Development Collector was started running SmartStor tools command "list_agents" on the restored directory /opt/apm/smartstor also gives message: "Invalid path or doesn’t exist: /opt/apm/smartstor"
That indicates an incomplete SmartStor: CA APM SmartStor Tools returns "Invalid path or doesn’t exist"