Resource security Instance or OBS rights don't match Group security rights

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Last Modified Date : 06/02/2019
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Resource security instance rights don't match group security rights. When a resource is assigned to a group, the resource instance and OBS Unit rights of resource don't match Group instance and OBS Unit rights. Global rights for the resource and the group do match.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login into the application as an administrator user
  2. Navigate to Administration, Groups
  3. Click 'New' button to create a group
  4. Assign any Instance, OBS Unit and Global rights to the group
  5. Take screenshots of Instance rights, OBS Unit rights and Global rights that were assigned
  6. Assign a Resource to the group
  7. Compare Resource Instance rights, OBS Unit, and OBS Unit rights to Group Instance rights, OBS Unit rights and Global rights

Expected Result: The Resource Instance rights, OBS Unit rights and Global rights should be in sync with the Group rights that the resource is a member of
Actual Result: The Instance rights and OBS Unit rights for the resource don't match the equivalent rights in the group the resource is a member of

Working as designed.  There is no 'Granted Through' column on the Instance Access or OBS Access Rights page.  This page is only intended to display 'instance' or 'OBS' rights granted through this page ; not through groups.  Only the 'Global' page will show additional rights 'Granted Through' other methods.
To see the additional Group rights, look in the Group definition.  This is the same for any rights granted directly within an OBS Used for Access Rights.  Determine the User's security OBS Type and look at the associated OBS Unit for any additional access rights granted through that OBS Unit.

Use the License Information Portlets for more information on a list of rights assigned to the user.

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