Resource Manager and Project Manager Timesheet Approval Rights

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Do Resource Managers get automatic rights for approving time for resources assigned to him/her. If yes then how can we set this in the application? 
Can we assign Project Managers to approve time for their project only. If yes then what is the setting for this. 
What are the default system rights Resource Manager and Project Manager(fields available in project) gets. 

Resource Manager doesn't get automatic rights to approve Timesheets. They will need to be given resource - approve time rights over the resources they manage. They can also be given Timesheet-approve all to approve all resources in the system. However, this is more drastic and on systems with lots of resources and time periods, the "all" rights can cause performance issues.

You can assign Project Managers to approve time only for their project, only if you use the Time Approval process (Project Manager Approval Process). The project manager approval process is our out of box process which will send an approval action item to the project managers of all the tasks on the Timesheet. They can approve or reject/return the action item(which is tied to the Timesheet) based on what they see on the whole Timesheet.(They will see the other tasks that they don't "own".)

The default system rights for Resource Manager: The user creating a new resource is automatically granted this right. In other words, the user becomes the resource manager for the resource. It allows the user to view and edit general resource properties. If the resource is assigned another resource manager, the present resource manager will lose rights to the resource.

The default system rights for Project Manager: The user who enables a project for management is automatically granted this right. In other words, the user becomes the Project Manager for the project. It allows user to view and edit the general and management properties of the project.