Resolving an error DC601059

Document ID : KB000029825
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When an error DC601059 is received, it means one of the following:

1-  1- a valid user name was not specified in an attempt to sign on to a compiler; or 

2- 2- a valid user name was specified on sign on, but that userid does not have the necessary authority to execute the task.


When this error is encountered, the DBA can update the USER in IDD to have the needed authority or can modify the USER in question to have the same attributes as another USER with the proper authority.  The steps below will resolve this:

1-  1- At 'Enter Next Task Code' signon as a USER that has the relevant IDD authorities such as the CULL DBA User that was added during install:


2-  2- Enter task code IDD

3-  3- Display the user you want to emulate:  DISPLAY USER 'CULL DBA' AS SYNTAX.

4-  4- Erase the Display statement, then replace the userid 'CULL DBA' with the userid to be modified and hit enter. If the userid already exists but lacks the necessary authority, then change the ADD in the syntax to MODIFY. This should result in a 'No ERRORS' message on the top line.

5-  5- Now that User can sign back on to the system. 

6-  6- Go back to IDD (or other compiler where the error was originally encountered) and try again to execute the commands that caused the original error; you should now have the necessary authorization to do so.