Agile Central - On-premises: Requesting and updating the root password

Document ID : KB000010888
Last Modified Date : 18/10/2018
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In the past, the ability to change the root password for the on-premises appliance was handled via an additional agreement.  We now include the ability to change the root password in all new license files, however if your license file is old, then you may not have this flag enabled in your license file.

This article describes how to request an updated license file as well how the steps to change the root password for your appliance.
How can I acquire root password for my Agile Central On-premise Appliance?
Root access capability is built into the License key issued for your on-premise subscription and root access may or may not already be available to you.
How do I know if root access was built into my On-premise Subscription License?
From the Control Panel check the menu option located at the left side of the screen. If root access was included in the license key the “Update Password” Option will be listed at the bottom as shown in the illustration below:

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How do I change my root password?

To change the root password for your subscription click “Update Password”, you will be prompted to enter the new password. Once the password has been reset you can now access root from the command prompt.

What if I don’t have the “Update Password” option available?

If the "Update Password" menu option is not displayed this means root access capability was not included with you on-premise license key but it can be obtained by contacting Agile Central support.

What will I need to provide Agile Central Support in order to obtain a new license that includes root access capability?

You will need to provide Support with your current license key file.  Open a support case with Agile Central Support and attach your existing license key along with your request for root access.  The support representative will use the existing license key provided to generate a new license key file and send it back. Once you have the new key you will need to install it.

How do I install the new license file?
  1. Log into the control panel
  2. Click on the “Licensing” menu option
  3. Click on the “Choose File” button
  4. Select the new license key provided to you by Support
  5. Click the “Upload File” button to complete the installation.

You should receive confirmation that the new license was successfully loaded if you receive an error please refer back to the support representative that supplied the new license key.
At this point, you will need to restart your Agile Central services.

Once the new license has been successfully loaded you will have the “Update Password” option available for you to reset the root password.   

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What if I cannot locate my existing license key file?

In the event you are unable to locate your exiting license key file you will need to contact your CA Agile Central Account representative to obtain a new license key file.