Request for port of patch developed in DE249873 for release 10.3.0

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Last Modified Date : 02/05/2018
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Request for port of patch developed in DE249873 for release 10.3.0

Also refer to DE280364 Users start VSE locally to their laptops – specifying the connection details in a vmoptions file.

The important setting here is lisa.vseName=tcp://:/ They then wander off to a meeting with their laptop, and connect to the network in the meeting room (perhaps via WiFi).

Their IP address has now changed, but the VSE happily tries to re-connect to the registry.

Sensibly enough, the registry does not like this. The problem is, that the registry hates this so much that no-other VSE can connect thereafter, unless the user shuts down the now erroneous VSE, or the registry is restarted. Since the user is in a meeting is may not be possible to get the VSE shut down.

The server console also becomes unresponsive.
DevTest 10.3.0

This patch can be applied to all installed DevTest components by placing it in the {{LISA_HOME}}/lib/patches directory.

Part of the patch addresses an issue specific to how the Registry handles the registration of a VSE, but the other parts of the patch address an issue that is common to all DevTest components.

Please restart all components after this patch has been applied.

Refer to patch_DE359109_DE249873_10.3.0_GA.jar when opening a support case.