Reports do not show up the content in right pane when you try to see under the [Public Folders] - [CA Reports] on the InfoView.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When you try to see under the [Public Folders] - [CA Reports] on the InfoView on the Business Intelligence box that is installed to different box (Not installed USRD to the box), the database logon screen appears. This article explains the solution at the situation.



When you try to access the [Public folders] - [CA Reports] on the InfoView, you may see the database logon screen in the right pane. The environment is installed Service Desk and BOXI to different machines, not installed them to the same box. i.e. public folder\CA Reports\CA Service Desk\Asset\Asset List.

Figure 1


This problem is known problem. The reason why the problem occurs is that the CA Service Desk ODBC Client is not installed correctly when the Business Intelligence is installed. The below steps will solve the problem.

  1. Go to c:\Program Files\CA\SC\CASD_ODBC and remove the "schema" file that does not have an extension on the Business Intelligence box.

  2. Run the <Drive of the Service Desk installation DVD2>\ca_tps.nt\CABO\ca_odbc_client\setup.exe.

  3. CA Service Desk ODBC Client Setup will appear. Click 'Next' button.

    Figure 2

  4. Click 'Yes' button.

    Figure 3

  5. Select c:\Program Files\CA\SC\CASD_ODBC as destination folder and click next.

    Figure 4

  6. Input the value as below.

    Name: casd_<ServiceDesk server name>
    Description: Input an optional value
    TCP/IP Address: IP Address of ServiceDesk server
    TCP/IP Port: Input '1706'

    Figure 5

  7. Select the below file and click 'next' button.

    <Drive of the Service Desk installation DVD2>\ca_tps.nt\CABO\ca_odbc_client\oaclientkey.lic

    Figure 6

  8. Click 'Next' button.

    Figure 7

  9. Click 'Next' button.

    Figure 8

  10. Click 'Finish' button.

    Figure 9

  11. In order to check the database access, start the 'Interactive SQL(ODBC)' from the below shortcut.

    Start button -> DataDirect OpenAccess ODBC Driver v5.6 -> Interactive SQL (ODBC)

  12. Run the below command to check the MDB access.

    Figure 10

    i.e. connect administrator*<administrator's password>@<Value that you set at #6 as the Name>

    If the connection succeeds, the below message will appear.

    Figure 11

  13. Copy the 'oainfo.ini' in the below location on the Service Desk server box.

    $NX_ROOT\CA\Service Desk\pdmconf\schema\oainfo.ini

  14. Paste the 'oainfo.ini' that you copied at #13 to the below location on the Business Intelligence box.

    C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CASD_ODBC\schema

  15. Run the 'CA Business Intelligence Configuration'

    Figure 12

  16. Click 'Next' button.

    Figure 13

  17. Input the necessary information as follows and click 'Finish' button.

    Figure 14

  18. When the configuration completes, the below message will appear. Click OK to close.

    Figure 15

  19. Start the 'Central Management Server' service on the Business Intelligence box.

  20. You will see the content under the [public folder] - [CA Reports] on the InfoView without any problems.