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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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PIN/UNPIN - How to Keep Recorded Suites and Test Cases from being auto-deleted

In the Reporting Portal, right-click on one of the available report bars. Click on Pin/Unpin. Recorded suites and test cases may now be pinned in the portal. This will keep them from being auto-deleted after 30 days. Any unpinned test older than 30 days will be auto-deleted.

A Pin operation should put a 1 into the database column named 'Pinned' on either the HST_SUITE_RUN or the HST_TEST_RUN. An 'Unpin' operation should put a 0 in the same column. For tests that are part of a suite, the Pin/Unpin operation should be disabled.

How to change the cut-off date (30 days default) on Recorded Suites/Test Cases

The registry will automatically remove reports older than 30 days from the reports database. If you want to prevent this or change the cutoff date, edit to include one of the following key/values:


expireTimer can be set to any reasonable unit of time, e.g. 360d, 1m, 5d, 1h

What are the possible values for HSR.END_STATE?