Reporting Dashboard Does not Show Load Tests that were Run Successfully

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Last Modified Date : 25/05/2018
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We setup DevTest on Openstack Cloud and have been using an external database(MySQL). We ran some Load tests successfully using the Coordinator and Simulators but the reports don't show up on the Reporting Dashboard and verified that they aren't being written to the MySQL database.
DevTest 9.0, but this would apply to all supported versions of DevTest.
The DevTest distribution is as follows:
MySQL database, Enterprise Dashboard, Registry, Coordinator, Simulator and VSE all on different machines.

Coordinator, Simulator and VSE machines cannot connect to the MySQL database machine port.

Getting Connection refused error from all three machines Started a Coordinator and Simulator on the Registry machine.

Was able to create a MAR to stage directly on the Coordinator since we could not see the Coordinator or Simulator from the Workstation.

NOTE: Seeing the table lisa_frame_data cannot be accessed by DevTest. The is because the table is uppercase in the MySQL database. Need to update the MySQL instance to be case-insensitive. Try setting this value in the my.cnf file of your MySQL database, lower_case_table_names=0, this goes on the [mysql] section of the file. The instance will have to be restarted.
Opened MySQL port 3306 running on the MySQL machine to be able to be connected from the Coordinator, Simulator and VSE machines.

Added reguser on MySQL for Coordinator and Simulator:

reguser@<IP for Coord and Sim>

Added these properties in the Workstation.vmoptions file:
-Dlisa.coordName=tcp://<IP for Coord>:2011/Coordinator
-Dlisa.simulatorName=tcp://<IP for Sim>:2014/Simulator

Added this property in the CoordinatorService.vmoptions file:
-Dlisa.coordName=tcp://<IP for Coord>:2011/Coordinator

Added this property in the SimulatorService.vmoptions file:
-Dlisa.simulatorName=tcp://<<IP for Sim>:2014/Simulator

Restarted Coordinator, Simulator and Workstation components.

Able to see Coordinator and Simulator from Workstation machine.

Was able to stage from the Workstation and see the reports.