Report handling on the AS/400 for Reports Received via TCPIP

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A change needs to be made to the XCOMPRINT default printer file on the AS/400. In the printer file, there is a parameter to indicate which print queue the reports should go to. Currently the parameter is *JOB, which indicates the output queue associated with the job is used for the spooled output. This parameter works fine with SNA, as the associated job is XCOM. But, since IP works different than SNA, the associated job is not XCOM and the output will not go to the xcom print queue for TCPIP. The solution is to hard code the value of this parameter to point to the xcom print queue.

The command on the as/400 is:

CHGPRTF FILE(XCOM2\xcomprint) OUTQ(*libl/xcom) 

where XCOM2 is the library where xcom is installed.

If you are sending reports from the mainframe, here is a sample destination member to use for sending TCPIP PSO reports to the AS/400. The name of the dest member in this sample is TESTA.

 IPNAME=191.999.229.19             Put your IP name or address 
 NEWDEST=XCOM2\XCOMPRINT           xcom2 is the library where xcom is installed 
 PSOUSER=userid for as/400 
 PSOPASS=password for as/400