Reordering fields in catalog forms are not staying put

Document ID : KB000100966
Last Modified Date : 12/06/2018
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Sometimes when trying to reorder fields in a form the reordered fields do not stay where they were moved to.
This might be done through click-and-drag or by cutting and pasting the field.
Both in 14.1 and 17.1 prior to the latest patches
This can be caused by either bad values in ehcache.xml or from a bug which has been corrected
First, check the ehcache.xml file under %USM_HOME%\view\conf
This file has a line at the top with cache values for forms.
These values should generally be 2 seconds each. If they are larger then the fields may appear to be staying at their original location after being moved because the cache has not been updated.
One way to verify this would be to cycle the Service Catalog service. This would clear the cache. If it now displays correctly then this was the problem.

Second, you may be encountering a bug which was originally fixed in T6D9226.
This fix should now be included in 14.1 cp5 and 17.1 RU1