Removing Classic 'On-Prem' API Portal Artifacts

Document ID : KB000072786
Last Modified Date : 08/03/2018
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For those who want to remove Portal from their Gateways, or want to go ahead with the 4.x Portal, removing the Classic Portal is a must.
2.x, 3.x
  1. Remove metric push cronjob
    SSH root via ssgconfig:
    - */15 * * * * /opt/SecureSpan/ApiPortal/
  2. Remove internal Services 
    In Policy Manager, remove:
    - API Key Management Service
    - API Portal Integration Service
  3. Unpublish Web Services from Classic Portal
    Remove "Set as Portal Managed Service" Assertion from all Services
  4. Remove policy folder
    - Remove API Portal Integration folder
    - Remove API Deleted from Portal folder
  5. Remove Cluster-wide properties:
  6. Remove API Portal Integration Assertions:
    SSH root via ssgconfig:
    Remove the following Assertions from /opt/SecureSpan/Gateway/runtime/modules/assertions/
    - ApiPortalDataLensAssertion-9.1.00.aar
    - ApiPortalIntegrationAssertion-9.1.00.aar
  7. Remove API Portal Integration folder and files
    SSH root via ssgconfig:
    Remove files in /opt/SecureSpan/ApiPortal
    Remove folder /opt/SecureSpan/ApiPortal
  8. Restart Gateway Service from SSG ASCII menu:
    SSH via ssgconfig:
    In main menu:
    1. Select 2) Display Layer 7 Gateway configuration menu
    2. Select 7) Manage Layer 7 Gateway status
    3. Select 2) Restart the Layer 7 Gateway
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