Remove Cluster Manager Models

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Last Modified Date : 06/12/2018
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you can install an AIM on a SystemEdge agent to monitor various types of clusters and use Spectrum to view that information under Cluster Manager
The ca vendor setup cluster manager for us for testing.
How can we removed it and stop monitoring in ca spectrum.
Spectrum 10.2.x
Spectrum 10.3.x
When a Cluster Manager (Host_SystemEDGE) model is deleted, the corresponding cluster containers are destroyed. All cluster node models in the containers are moved to the Lost and Found (LostFound). An exception is when a cluster node is in a global collection, in which case, the model remains in the global collection.

When all cluster components for a particular cluster technology are deleted, the cluster technology folder remains in the Cluster Manager hierarchy. An unbolded label indicates an empty folder.
If you find that the sysEdge model has already been removed, but the cluster manager children d\id not get deleted automatically, you can manauly remove them using the CLI

When you connect to the server CLI and run ./show models | grep -i ClusterMSCSCluster , the left side column contains the <mscscluster mh>. please see attached screenshot - the left side is highlighted in yellow. 

So for example; 

1. nav to <SPECROOT>/vnmsh 
2. run ./connect 
3. run ./show models | grep -i ClusterMSCSCluster 

The output will list the MSCSCluster models with the model handle (mh) shown in the far-left column 

4. run ./destroy model mh=<mscscluster mh> 


./destroy model mh=0x55ee12 
./destroy model mh=0x55dd4a 
./destroy model mh=0x55dd44 

Continue until all MSCS Cluster models are deleted.
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