Remote Control failure cam communication issues

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Last Modified Date : 22/10/2018
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Remote control is not working on all machines with machines it showing the following error when I try to connect "Unable to establish a remote control session: The Remote Control Management Server is not available to validate the credentials supplied"
However when checking communication, it appears CAM is either extremely slow to respond on the target or fails to reply entirely much of the time.
Any Supported ITCM / DSM / ITCA CA Client Automation environment.
Limitations of the default CAM configuration in certain complex environments.
There are two problems can adversely impact CAM performance and one of which could cause CAM to freeze up entirely.

one issue can occur whether or not %CAI_MSQ%\CAM.CFG exists and the other can only occur when the file does exist:


1. %CAI_MSQ%\CAM.CFG exists and has many entries under the *ROUTING and/or *PATHS sections that were not specifically put there by the client and are instead there because of the way CAM.CFG was generated (E.G. CAMSAVE PERSIST / CAMSAVE CONFIG)

2. In complex networks, CAM has trouble attempting to determine both the local and remote IP addresses of machines where IP addresses are different on alternate sides of a NAT or similar firewall. When this occurs, CAM logs will be filled with messages like the following:

Mon Oct 22 11:00:50 2018  queue reversed identity with proxy
Mon Oct 22 11:00:51 2018  queue reversed identity with proxy
Mon Oct 22 11:00:52 2018  queue reversed identity with proxy
Mon Oct 22 11:00:52 2018  queue reversed identity with proxy
Mon Oct 22 11:00:53 2018  queue reversed identity with proxy

Please browse to %cai_msq%, open your current CAM.CFG* after making a copy as CAM.OLD (if needed, as backup) and replace the contents of CAM.CFG with the following:

# CAM config saved: Mon May 21 15:11:55 2018

fixed_paths = no
close_time = 60
client_hold = 60
connect_retry = 60
udp_port = 4104
tcp_port = 4105
dg_log_files = 8
dg_log_size = 64
dg_log = *
au_log_files = 8
au_log_size = 256
au_log = *
tr_log_files = 8
tr_log_size = 1024
tr_log = *
trace = none
disable_proxies = Yes




*Or if none exists, manually create an empty file named CAM.CFG, copy-paste the supplied text and then save and close.

This file should then be saved and closed, making sure a .txt extension does NOT get appended by Windows. You can now recycle CAM and CAF or just reboot the system and your issue will be resolved.


When generating a CAM.CFG  via a command like 'CAMSAVE PERSIST', ALL entries in the *ROUTING and *PATHS sections should be immediately removed and not allowed to persist in this file. The command to generate a CAM.CFG file dumps all aspects of CAM's current run state from memory and the generation of these items are dynamic and should not be hard coded unless required.

To resolve the issue, simply make the needed modifications in a text editor, save and close the file and then recycle CAM and CAF or reboot the system to complete the procedure.