Remote Build Tool server connection issues

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When launching the workstation Build Tool client and attempting to connect to a remote Unix/Linux Build Tool server, receive the error message:

"Remote host (<hostname>) is not available"   



The cause of this error can be from primarily one or more of these reasons:

1.  The hostname was incorrectly specified.

This is self explanatory, make sure you specify the correct hostname or IP address for the Build Tool server host machine.  Consider using the 'ping' command to confirm the remote machine is available.


2.  The userid and/or Password for the specified hostname is incorrect.

Again, this is self explanatory.  Note that any valid UserID and Password combination for the specified Hostname should work.  Do not use a 'root' Userid.


3.  The specified port number for the targeting Build Tool server is invalid.

The default port number for the Build Tool server is 7776.  If no parameter '-i xxxx' is specified when manually starting the Build Tool server or the S99bldtool script port setting is not modified, the default is used. 

For example:  If the Build Tool server process was started manually on a Unix/Linux machine with command:

"$IEFH/bt/bldtool -c SERVER -i 1234"

The port will be 1234, rather than the default of 7776.


4.  The Build Tool server process may not be started on the remote Unix/Linux machine.

To start the Build Tool server on the Unix/Linux machine you can either use the script S99bldtool or the manual command line.

For the script method, it can be started at boot time by adding the S99bldtool script to the /etc/rc3.d directory on Unix and /etc/rc.d directory on Linux or by adding this script to the Cron table.  

For the manual method, enter the command:

"$IEFH/bt/bldtool -c SERVER [-i <port>]"

You can check if the Build Tool server is running by entering the following:

"ps -ef | grep java"  

Since the Build Tool server is a 'java' based process, if it is running, it will return a process similar to the following:

"pxxxxx   15061     1 13 11:09 pts/1    00:00:01 /usr/java7/bin/java -Duser.iefh=/home/pxxxxx/it/gen85/runtime -Duser.platform=IEF_LINUX -jar /home/pxxxxx/it/gen85/runtime/bt/bt.ui.jar -c server -i 7776"

Note: This is an example with the default 7776 port was used, meaning no '-i xxxx' parameter was specified.


5.  The FTP process is not running on the remote Unix/Linux machine.

The FTP server on UNIX/Linux is used to confirm the UserID and Password specified for remote UNIX/Linux Build Tool server sessions. Ensure that the FTP daemon is running on the UNIX/Linux platform that you want to access as a remote Build Tool server.

To check to see if the FTP process is running on the target remote machine, simply enter 'ftp', if the prompt 'ftp>' is returned, FTP is running.  If it is not running, contact your Unix/Linux system administrator to configure and start FTP on the target remote machine.


6. The remote Unix/Linux machine was running SFTP (Secured FTP) opposed to FTP.   

The Build Tool remote connection only supports FTP (not SFTP) at this time.  If you are using SFTP, check with your Unix/Linux administrator to see if FTP can be configured.  For Gen r8.5 and r8.6, only FTP can be used.  An enhancement request has been submitted to allow for SFTP for future releases of Gen.


Additional Information:

See the Gen r8.5 or r8.6 document "CA Gen Build Tool User Guide" for more details on using the remote Build Tool server feature.