Remote Agent stuck in RUNNING status even though Agent process stopped

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A Remote Agent can appear stuck in a RUNNING status even though the Agent processes have stopped and the entry in the database also shows a stopped status.  This usually occurs after a migration. The database entry can be stuck in an incorrect status and sometimes needs to be manually updated.

  1. From the Client the Remote Agent is in a status of RUNNING.
  2. Logged in as the Applications Managar (AM) OS user on the Remote Agent machine you can check to see if the AgentService process is running:
ps -ef|grep AgentService

If it is still running you should see an entry similar to this with your Remote Agent name:

<OS user> 15216     1  0 Feb07 ?        00:01:44 java -DAgentMgr=<Agent Name> -DAWCOMM=DISABLE -DSTACK=ENABLED -Xmx1024m -DAW_HOME=/home/AM/v911 -DOsType=UNIX com.appworx.agent.AgentService

If the processes are no longer running, nothing will be returned.
  1. Log into SQLPlus as the AM Oracle userid and execute the following statement to see the status within the database for this Agent.
select so_bp_mesg from so_back_process where so_operator='<Agent Name>'

The value for the Agent should be 'Offline'. ​  If it is not, then this value will need to be updated as described in the workaround.
Cause type:
Root Cause: Agents improperly migrated.
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Workaround :
From the command line, issue a: stopso rmiAllow time for the process to stop, then issue a: startso rmiLog into the Java Client to confirm the Agent status is accurate. If not, log into SQLPlus as the Oracle Applications Manager userid and run the following: update so_back_process set so_bp_mesg='Offline' where so_operator='AGENT'; commit;Replace AGENT with actual Agent Name. Re-log into the Java Client to confirm changes. It may take a few minutes for the status to change.