Remote Access from a Local Subsystem

Document ID : KB000056678
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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User would like to set up access to a remote system from a local system to execute an Extract.


To set up your system for remote access you will need to do the following:

In the SETUPxx member in the hilvl.CDBAPARM dataset for every local SSID you will need to identify the remote SSIDs within the local SSID that you want to access.

For example:

SSID       (D10A)      <<---  LOCAL SUBSYSTEM


SSIDVER (V10)         <<---  DB2 version for this subsytem

SSIDMODE (NFM)      <<--- DB2 Mode for this subsystem


LOCATION (D91BPTIB)  <<---  Value from SYSIBM.LOCATIONS for remote subsystem


Then on the RC/EXTRACT Target Mapping screen within RC/Extract you will specify the following (conforming to the above setup for example):

Source SSID  ===> D10A                        Target SSID   ===> D10A

      Location  ===> LOCAL                              Location ===> D91BPTIB


The Source and Target SSID indicate the Source SSID and the Location for the Target SSID indicates the LOCATION from the SYSIBM.LOCATIONS table for the Target SSID.