Remaining Work Increases and % Complete changes to 99% When Exporting the project to MSP

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Last Modified Date : 13/12/2018
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When exporting a project from PPM to MSP, remaining work is increasing and task % complete is changing from 100% to 99%. This is in part due to the Actual Finish date that gets set when changing the % Complete to 100% in MSP. 

Steps to Reproduce: 
1. Create a project
2. Staff a resource with an Allocation of 50% (or any allocation > 0%)
3. Create a task with dates: 11/26 - 12/4
4. Assign the resource to the the task with 28 hours of ETC 
5. Post a timesheet for 4 daily hours for the entire first week (20 hours total)
6. Export the project to MSP and notice the task has a finish date of 12/4 as in PPM as expected
7. Change the % Complete to 100% in MSP
    Note: This automatically decreases the remaining work to 0.
8. Save the project back to PPM
    Note: In PPM, due to the task having Actuals, but no ETC remaining, the Finish Date changes to the last date of posted actuals (11/30). ETC remains at 0 as expected and % Complete is still 100%. 
9. Without making any changes in PPM, export the project to MSP again

Expected Results: Remaining Work (ETC) is 0, and the % Complete remains at 100%. 
Actual Results: Remaining Work (ETC) is 8, and the % Complete is now 99%. 
This is working as expected.  In MSP, when the % Complete is increased to eliminate remaining work, the actual work is then increased to take into account those remaining work hours. When managing a project in MSP, but tracking actual hours in PPM, if the actual hours are then increased in MSP, they are discarded once that project is saved back to PPM. However, MSP still saves the finish date that was set when the task was marked as 100% and the actuals were increased. Since those actuals do not exist in PPM, exporting the project from PPM back to MSP adds those hours back to the project, but as remaining work hours. 

To avoid this mismatch in finish dates and remaining work hours, the recommended way of updating the % Complete to 100% in MSP on a tracked project where there are both actual and remaining work hours is to first manually zero out the Remaining Work and then change the % Complete to 100%. This way the actual hours are not increased.