Release Dashboard Calculations

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Details about how the Release Dashboard equations and calculations


The 'Release Health' computes the health of the release based on the percentage of work accepted and the number of days completed in the release.? For example, if the count of accepted work is 30 out of 50 total and there are 15 days completed in a 20 day release, the calculation is ((30/50)/(15/20) * 100) or ((.6/.75)*100), equating to 80 percent.? Here are the default thresholds:

??? 'Good' displays when the percentage is greater than or equal to 90.
??? 'At Risk' displays when the percentage is greater than or equal to 70 and less than 90.
??? 'Critical' displays when the percentage is less than 70.

This calculation is one metric to determine release health but refer to other resources to determine if revising the release plan is appropriate.? If no data is returned from the 'Work Products by Schedule State' pie chart (see description below), then the Release Health indicator will not display, as the calculation depends on this data.

Please refer to our help page on the?Release Dashboard?app for more information.