Reinstalling SAP Plugin

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Last Modified Date : 09/08/2018
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Can the SAP plugin be installed over an already existing sap.pak or do we need to remove the old configuration and install a new one?
You can install the plugin over an already existing plugin configuration. You will need to remove the alias reference for the SAP plugin prior to doing so. Otherwise, you will be prompted to enter a new alias because it already exists in agentparm.txt. You will be prompted when you run the installer to provide all of the necessary SAP related details to connect to the instance. Once you get through that, the installer will proceed and will promt you about files that already exist from a prior installation. Choose to overwrite them all by entering A at the prompt. Otherwise, you can enter Y for each file separately. Restart the agent.


If you wish, you can remove the prior configuration and install it from scratch. To remove the plugin from the agent, remove all references to the SAP plugin in your agentparm.txt file. An example of the section that needs to be removed is shown below:

# # Added by Installer for sap # #
sap.default.destination=bda sap.logon.interface=XBP
sap.logon.product=Agent sap.logon.version=7.0

As always, if you have any questions or concerns on this process, please open a case with CA Support for additional guidance.
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