Re-initialize discovery of disks on existing cdm deployments

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Last Modified Date : 11/10/2018
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You can set up your .cfg to automatically detect new filesystems. If you wish to do this before following this procedure, follow the instructions in How to enable cdm to automatically monitor new disks

Then in order to make sure that you have discovered all existing filesystems, you may need to re-initialize discovery of existing filesystems. This procedure describes how to do so.





1.Modify the custom .cfx file within a configuration package using the following sample as a reference:
Note: Make sure to use the clear tag within the <fixed> section. This will remove existing disks, and force a rediscovery after the next restart of the cdm probe.

Here is a sample of this type of .cfx file for reference.

<disk> overwrite
interval = 15 min
samples = 4
<alarm> overwrite
active = yes
<connections> clear
<fixed> clear
<fixed_default> overwrite
active = yes
qos_disk_usage = yes
qos_disk_usage_perc = yes
percent = yes
<error> overwrite
active = yes
threshold = 10
message = DiskError
<warning> overwrite
active = yes
threshold = 15
message = DiskWarning

2. Restart the cdm probe.
3. Drag and drop the probe onto the archive. When prompted, choose Configuration Only.

You can then deploy this configuration to target servers either as a standalone configuration or as part of a super-package.
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