Reducing the CICS log streams below 1 day retention.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to reduce CICS Logstreams below one day retention.


The LGDRO function may allow you to define smaller log streams with the idea of a retention period of less than 1 day. 
The retention period of the log stream must still be defined using days.


Log streams are defined with a retention period. This period is defined in number of days. The minimum is 1 day. 

If you are unable or unwilling to allow the MVS system logger to allocate the amount of DASD storage to hold the minimum of 1 days worth of information there may be an alternative. 

This is most likely ONLY an issue for the CICS transaction log streams due to the volume of records that can be created for a region. 

We provide a sample parmlib member that can be used by the SYSVIEW Event Scheduler to maintain a log stream size/data to less than 1 day. The parmlib member is: SCHDLDRO. Per the instructions in the member:

The retention period of a log stream is defined in days. In order for the log stream retention period to work properly, the log stream must be allocated large enough to hold the defined retention period plus a margin. If the log stream is not defined large enough, the log stream will become full. The following function can be executed to delete records older than 12 hours.


See the instructions in the member for additional information.

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