Rediscovery after reconfigure option in CA Spectrum fails due to another discovery already in progress

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Last Modified Date : 30/08/2018
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When utilizing the "Reconfiguration" option for a model that has the "Discovery After Reconfigure" option set to Yes , the following error would show prior to 9.4:

Another discovery process is currently in progress. Only one discovery process at a time is allowed per CA Spectrum landscape. Please retry again later.


The reconfiguration functionality has been enhanced in CA Spectrum release 9.4+. In R9.4+ (and all R10.*) if a reconfiguration is triggered on a model that has the "Discovery After Reconfigure" option set to Yes, and another discovery process is already running, the discovery will be queued and event 0x25e0006 is generated by the "System" user:

"Auto-discovery mapping process can not run on model "XXXXX" of type "YYYYY" because another mapping process is currently running, So it is queued

Event 0x25e0006"

The discovery/mapping process will occur once the previously queued models have completed.

To view the AutoDiscovery job-queue use CLI action=0x10601 send to the TopologyWrkSpc model:

./update action=0x10601 mh=themodelhandleofthe"TopologyWrkSpc"model

This will output the queue entries to the VNM.OUT.

To stop/kill the current Spectrum discovery job use CLI action=0x10602 send to the TopologyWrkSpc model:

./update action=0x10602 mh=themodelhandleofthe"TopologyWrkSpc"model

Here is an example:

> show models mth=0x25e0001
MHandle     MName             MTypeHnd    MTypeName 
0x200002d   AutoDiscovery     0x25e0001   TopologyWrkSpc 

> ./update action=0x10601 mh=0x200002d
update action: successful

Response has 0 attributes:

For CA Spectrum R10.* and higher the output is written to ./SS/ADiscDebug_<date>_<time>.
For CA Spectrum R9.4* (and before) output was written to ./SS/VNM.OUT

Dumping the pending rediscovery models @2014/09/23 11:18:36

> ./update action=0x10602 mh=0x200002d
update action: successful
Response has 0 attributes:

Output created then is:

Clearing the pending rediscovery queue @2014/09/23 11:17:34

In order to see additional AutoDiscovery output in CA Spectrum 10.* and above, you need to FIRST enable the Autodiscovery Debug on the VNM model.  Select the VNM model and open the Component Detail-> Autodiscovery Control area -> Debug Options -> Debug Autodiscovery -> ON.

This will create the <SPECROOT>/SS/AdiscDebug_<date>_<time> file on the SpectroSERVER that you turned on the debug.

You can then run the update action=0x10601 command to cross-reference to the AdiscDebug file (search for "rediscovery).
You can run the update action=0x10602 command to stop/kill any "next queue ADisc job" to cleanup all pending/queue jobs if needed.


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