Redirecting to another website after logout

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Last Modified Date : 02/05/2018
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How do I redirect users to a different web site when logging out of CA Service Desk Manager?

Currently I am taken to the Service Desk login page. I would like to be redirected to an internal or external URL.


CA Service Desk Manager on all platforms
  1. Open web.cfg file present under $NX_ROOT/bopcfg/www folder with a text editor like notepad or WordPad.

    Figure 1
  2. Find the following lines

    # LogoutURL is the URL of a web page to be displayed after a user logs out
    # of Unicenter ServicePlus Service Desk. If this value is commented out, logging
    # out displays the Unicenter ServicePlus Service Desk login form.
    ! LogoutURL
  3. Uncomment the LogoutURL and modify the URL as required. It should look like LogoutURL
  4. Click on File->Save to save the file.
  5. Recycle Service Desk Manager Services for the changes to take affect.
Additional Information:

Click on this link for a video demonstrating how to change the URL that is redirected to after logging out from CA Service Desk Manager