Recommendation to be consider while adding deployment steps via ROC - Create Step

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We are using XML file describing various steps and there dependencies in our deployment structure. We read this XML in our pre-init step and based on it we are creating steps dynamically using action "ROC -Create Step", but adding a new element having similar process name already existing but in different process category result in failure of pre-init step with error that process doesn't exist.

Scenario: During workflow/process design, we create process categories and create processes in each category. There are often need that some of the process name in process category can be same, which is well permissible from UI and each process name is unique under respective process category. Our requirement is to have dynamic creation of deployment steps by a process mapped to pre-deployment stage of template. The logic in the pre-deployment process is that it will be reading an XML file and will fetch each step element from it and based on its attribute will create the respective steps in deployment stage.


 Example XML file:





As we insert a new element in above xml which is having a same name of the process as in another process category the existing process of creation of step and adding dependency will fail with error

                Modified XML



Release Automation: 6.4, 6.5 and higher

As per design till the time the process name is unique under the specific architecture type it will refer via relative paths i.e. Process Category/Process Name, but as we start creating, processes with same name under different process category the naming convention of the process is changed and it uses the absolute path instead of relative. Please see screen shot below for reference