Receiving SARTDR00 Messages on Some Tapes

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Last Modified Date : 05/11/2018
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The client restores some SYSOUTs from their SARTAPEs within their CA-View database, running SARTDR /TADD on the entire tapes.

On some of their /TADD runs, they receive message:
 . SARTDR00 TADD of tape "xxxxxx.xxxxxx.SARTAPE.T00nnnnn" to database "xxxxxx.xxxxxx" is not recommended.
   SARTDR00 Report dates and generation will be out of sequence and a MERGE will be required.
   SARTDR00 Reply "C" to continue or "S" to stop.

Why are these messages being received?
Why would there need to be a MERGE done, if the /TADDs are being done to the same CA-View database?
CA View - All releases
The client had a procedure whereas they would routinely run SARTDR /TADDs on whole tapes.
The client received SARTDR00 messages as a warning and recommendation that the tape should not be TADDed, as there were older generations of reports on the tape.
To reply to a SARTDR00 message, the client uses "C" to continue the processing, which is correct in this instance only.

For example, a tape had reports going from generation 8605 through the start of generation 8635.
There were then reports with generation 8503 going back through generation 8493.
Then there was the continuation of generation 8635.

As a result, View considered the tapes as being from another database.

To correct this situation, normally there would be the following:

. Run SARDBASE UNLOAD on the database in question.
. Create a new database.
. Run SARDBASE MERGE, with input of the one UNLOAD file.
. Rename the databases
. Run SARPAC on the database's tapes.