Receiving message QI314E in the Post Install panels.

Document ID : KB000003902
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When entering Option 3 TASKs from Post Install,  then selecting a DB2 10 subsystem, the following message may occur:

QI314 : Mode ENFM for DB2 V10 is not supported by this release.


An invalid SSIDMODE of 'ENFM' has been specified in the SETUPxx Parmlib member.


Amend the SSIDMODE in the relevant SETUPxx member for this subsystem to a valid mode:


For DB2 10 the valid SSIDMODEs that can be used are:



CM8    = Version 8 conversion mode
CM8*   = Version 8 conversion fallback mode
CM9    = Version 9 conversion mode
CM9*   = Version 9 conversion fallback mode
ENFM8  = Version 8 enabling-new-function mode
ENFM8* = Version 8 enabling-new-function fallback mode
ENFM9  = Version 9 enabling-new-function mode
ENFM9* = Version 9 enabling-new-function fallback mode
NFM    = New function mode