Receiving Common Services for z/OS r14.1 msg CAS9859W when attempting to establish OPS/MVS connections

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Last Modified Date : 06/11/2018
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Hello, We are establishing CCI TCP/IP connections between 2 hosts for OPSMVS MSF purposes. The CCI SYSID names for the 2 hosts are CCITxxxx and CCIyyyy. When the CCITCPGW task starts on the CCIxxxx host we get the following messages:
CAS9859W - 2 Remote Hosts have been detected using the same Short Name alias CCIyyyy
CAS9859W - Remote Host 1 = CCIyyyy CAS9859W - Remote Host 2 = yyyy What does this mean?
We only have CCIyyyy defined in the CCI ENF parms. Here are the CCI ENF parms we have set:
On the CCIyyyy host when CCITCPGW starts we don't get the CAS9859W messages and when we try to activate the MSF connection from that host it appears to work and it communicates with CCITSTM but when we try to activate the MSF connection from the CCITxxxx host, it's not able to communicate with the remote host (CCIyyyy).  
Common Services for z/OS r14.1 CCIMVS component used in conjunction with OPS/MVS  
The OPS/MVS component was using the older CCI sysid of yyyy
RO90383, RO94596, and SO00422 already applied. A restart of the CCI component of OPS/MVS  picked up the new CCI SYSID name.
Additional Information:
Details of the OPS/MVS CCI configuration are found in the OPS/MVS documentation wiki.