Receiving A 8 8 16 For An Initacee Function=Resgister Call.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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TSSOERPT shows the following entry:                                                      
     SERVICE      USERID    GROUP        UID         GID    SAF RC   RSN 
       DATE          TIME    JOBNAME   SOURCE   SYSID   CPU   SECLABEL    
 initACEE         GGCICST2 CICSGRP          103         101   8    8   16 
 03/18/09 09.077   14.42.12 GGCICST2                  MSB               
 Failed - User ID is not defined or attempt to delete ACEE failed         
  Function: Reg Cert Attribute flags: 04000000                           
  Userid:             Applid:                                             
  Password: NO   Passphrase: NO   Certificate: YES ACEE Addr: NO        


According to the IBM RACF Callable Services Guide, a SAF RC=8, RACF RC=8 and RACF Reason Code=16 for an:

Initacee Function=Register (register a certificate)

call means that 'The userid is not authorized.'

User's must be authorized to IBMFAC(IRR.DIGTCERT.ADD) to use the 'Initacee Function=Register' RACF Callable Service.

Issue A:


to authorize the user.

Please refer to the IBM RACF Callable Services Guide for more details about 'Initacee'.