Received 'DBST002E 0308' Error Status while executing DB/REORG in the UPLINK step. What does this error mean and how to resolve it?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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During the execution of CA IDMS DB/REORG in the UPLINK step, the step failed with a

'DBST002E ERROR STATUS ................... 0308'.

What does this error mean and how to resolve it?


While executing CA IDMS DB/REORG, in the UPLINK step, the step failed with a 0308 IDMS Minor Code Error.

The 0308 IDMS Minor Code error means that the object record is not in the specified subschema.

The DBST002E message will be followed by a DBST008E message containing the current dbkey. In this example if the current dbkey is hex B2FBB52B which is converted to decimal page 11729845 line index 43. Check what area the page 11729845 is in by executing the PRINT PAGE utility.

In similar cases of the 0308; we have noticed that the reason why the 0308 occurs is that a NOSWEEP statement is missing from area that contains page 11729845. Typically this dbkey may be getting picked up during a sweep of non-copy areas. With non-copy areas, DB/REORG just updates the pointers in the old area in the UPDLINK step.

To resolve this, add a NOSWEEP statement to this area(s).

The NOSWEEP syntax is


and follows the PROCESS and COPY statements.

It is also recommended that an IDMSDBAN or DB/AUDIT is executed to verify the integrity of the database both before and after executing DB/REORG.


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