Receive Error 'Unable to update record', when trying to update a non-allocation field in PPM

Document ID : KB000095832
Last Modified Date : 15/05/2018
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The following symptoms may be observed as part of this issue:
  • A user with edit project access AND without booking rights is allowed to update STAFF record for non-allocation fields
  • When trying to update a non-allocation field the user can encounter a error in Classic PPM or in New UX - ‘Unable to update record’.
  • The XOG is defining an allocation segment that ends at midnight of the date the project finishes on.  This occurs because Project finish dates typically end at 5:00 pm.  When creating projects through XOG be sure to set the date/time within the project start and finish date/time.
  • XOG current design does NOT automatically extend the project dates or clip allocations
  • Creating the staff allocation through XOG where the dates of the allocation fall outside the project – A WARNING message will appear:
XOG-3909: AllocCurve segment finish on Resource [resourceName] is later than project finish.
  • When another user with edit access to the project PLUS booking rights to the staff can successfully update the record, the data is automatically updated and clipped to fall within the date/time range of the project.
  • Ensure the XOG file creates allocations within the Project date/time range.
Additional Information:
Reference KB000029132 - For information where you may see the above error 'Unable to update record' if the default value for the 'Availability Start' field is set to today's current date or a date later than the project finish date.