Receive AwE-9999 Internal error messages in the RmiServer log

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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Receive AwE-9999 Internal error messages in the RmiServer log

Detailed Error Message

ErrorMsg: AwE-9999 Internal error (11/4/15 1:00PM)
Details: null


From the GUI you receive a AwE-9999 error messages and when you look in the RmiServer debug log you will see messages similar to the error above where the Details are null.  However, jobs are still processing.


The errors are informational errors only that occur because of an inactive job with conditions.  The conditions are not able to evaluate because the job is inactive.  The internal error is thrown when the job refresh cycle sees a job that has a status of STG SKIP, it then tries to check its parent process flow to see if it is running, in which case it will immediately set the jobs status to SKIPPED.  The NullPointerException occurs because the refresh updates come in out of order and the jobs in the process flow come in before the process flow itself, so it gets the exception trying to check the status of the process flow.


The errors can be ignored and the issue will resolve itself the next time the job is checked.  This is only a view issue and does not cause any job processing issues.