Reason for SFxx abend code.

Document ID : KB000050832
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Clients can experience a CV or batch job abend SFxx where 'xx' is the hexidecimal representation of the SVC number issued by the abending job.

The most common reason for this abend is that the specified SVC has not been installed in the LPAR where the abending job is running. There are two places the IDMS SVC number is defined. For CV it is defined in the SYSTEM definition. For both CV and batch it is defined in the security definition table RHDCSRTT in the #SECRTT TYPE=INITIAL macro.

Be sure that the correct SVC number is specified in both places and that the SVC has been properly installed by CAIRIM using the correct GJnnINIT module.

Another reason for this abend when running IDMS 17.0 or later software, is that the IDMS SVC that is being called is from a release prior to 17.0.

Be sure that the CAIRIM is using the correct authorized loadlibs so that the correct SVC module is loaded.