Reason codes for DCMT VARY DMCL NC error DB347015

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Last Modified Date : 20/02/2018
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What do the various reason codes mean when a VARY DMCL NC encounters DB347015 errors during audit?
When this error happens the person who issued the DCMT V DMCL NC will get an unnumbered message written to the Lterm:
On the log they see DB347015  Vnn  T1  Error Detected in DMCL AUDIT Routine
Here are the explanations from all known BLDR reason codes:
1 -  the new DMCL is not a valid DMCL module
2 -  A Vary DMCL is already in progress
3 – New DMCL name is not the same as current DMCL
4 – Release or Opsys is not the same as current DMCL
5 – DAD feature is not the same as current DMCL ( DAD feature is whether DSNAMEs are coded for any FILEs)
6 – New DMCL contains an unknown control block
8 - JB63 not found (missing Journal Buffer definition)
9 – ALL journals changed.  Must be at least one disk journal active and not being changed
12 - Change Tracking is in use for the CV but is currently Inactive (from SYSTEM TASKS AND OPERATOR COMMANDS VARY DMCL Usage section:
“If change tracking is in use, a DCMT VARY DMCL NEW COPY command can only be issued if change tracking is active or disabled. We recommend that change tracking be active in systems in which new copies of DMCLs are to be varied online.” 
16 – DDLDCSCR was changed
20 – A Buffer was changed, but all Areas using the Buffer cannot be found in the new DMCL