Reason Code 2035 (MQRC_NOT_AUTHORIZED) error when connecting to MQ virtual service

Document ID : KB000006128
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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While playing back the MQ VS recorded using RR Pair, the VS is reading the message sent by client to its Listen queue but it is failing to place the response message back to the client

Steps to reproduce:


(1) Create two local static Queues on a remote manager in MQ. Say LIVE1 and LIVE2.
(2) Start creating an MQ VS using the attached RR Pair.
(3) In the window where you need select Request and response queues, use LIVE1 and LIVE2 respectively.
(4) Finish creating the VS and deploy the same.
(5) Monitor transactions in Server console and also the queue depth from LIVE1 and LIVE2 in queue browser.
(6) Send message from an MQ client to the LIVE1 queue and notice that the transaction count in server console for VS goes up by one. The input queue received the message sent by client which was grabbed by VS Listen step. The server console shows one transaction and after which it is throwing the error below 

Error opening queue manager, Completion Code 2 (MQCC_FAILED), Reason Code 2035 (MQRC_NOT_AUTHORIZED) 

When output queue is browsed in MQ queue browser, it is empty. This is where the VS is supposed to reply To. 

DevTest 8.3DevTest 8.4DevTest 9.1

This is typically caused by the MQ server getting locked down to the point where we cannot specify the 'SET_ALL_CONTEXT' or 'SET_IDENTITY_CONTEXT' flags when sending a message.  For VSE this means there are some IBM MQ header properties we will not be able to exactly reproduce at playback time.  

Normally there is a fallback plan to retry the send without those flags and forego being able to set all the header properties.  This fallback plan is only triggered with a small number of error codes that will enable the send operation immediately without these flags. 

There is a patch available with CA to include all of the flag-related error codes. 2035 is one of such error codes.  



Contact CA Support for patch for defect DE136917