RE-LABEL ‘EDIT’ to ‘SEARCH’ => Handle as a string overide

Document ID : KB000110957
Last Modified Date : 13/08/2018
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The USER would like to see the following changes in Web Viewer, if possible: RE-LABEL ‘EDIT’ to ‘SEARCH’ => so instead of EDIT / VIEW / OUTPUT, change to SEARCH / VIEW / OUTPUT: How to perform a String Override in 12.1 Web Viewer Build 189 or later?
New String Overrides feature is in Build 189, resolves customer's concern. Build 189 is now GA
Copy the
C:\Program Files\CA\CA_OM_Web_Viewer\apache-tomcat-8.5.24\webapps\CAOMWebViewer12\config\ file and paste it into the
C:\Program Files\CA\CA_OM_Web_Viewer\config folder. 
The file is then edited to change the line (about 3/4 of the way down the file): 
#Edit4DropDowninReportList=Edit to instead read: 
By uncommenting the instruction and changing "Edit" to "Search" the Browse Report: panel is changed so that the left most menu option at the top of the report now reads "Search" instead of "Edit"