RCX0214E: Invalid isolation level. RETCODE = 58

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Executing Option 2 - Perform Extract results in the following message:

ISOLEVEL(  )                                                           
AR170P548TG2       RESTART PROCESSING STARTED                          
AR170P548TG2       RESTART PROCESSING STARTED                          
 RCX0214E: Invalid isolation level. Valid options are CS,UR,RS,RR.     
AR170P548TG2       RESTART PROCESSING STARTED                          
 RCX1001E:  RC/EXTRACT EXTRACT INCOMPLETE.                             
AR170P548TG2       RESTART PROCESSING STARTED                          
RETCODE =    58            


The Isolation level can be viewed/changed by setting the 'Update Extended Options' to Y on the Process Source Definition screen.

The following screen will then display:

--------------- RC/EXTRACT SQL Extract Options -------------- 2015/01/29 08:27
Command ===>                                                                  
Advanced Options:                                                             
  Keys mode        ==> 0  (0-private, 1-1 dataspace, 2-n dataspaces)          
  Dup elimination  ==> U  (N-None, X-Sort only, S-System only, U - User RI)   
Extract Options:                                                              
  Isolation level  ==> CS  (CS-Cursor Stability,UR-Uncommitted Read,          
                                RS-Read Stability,RR-Repeatable Read)      

Pressing F1 provides additional help on the Isolation level values:

Field:  Isolation level                                                  
Description:  During an extraction, multiple transactions can be done at 
     the time of data extraction.This option can be specified so that    
     RC/Extract can reduce contention on DB2 during multiple transactions.
Values:  CS - Holds a lock on row or page only if the cursor is actually 
              positioned on that row or page.                            
         UR - Informs DB2 not to take any lock and to ignore other locks 
              and allow read access to locked data.                      
         RR - Holds locks on all rows or pages touched by application    
              program until commit is issued.                            
         RS - Holds locks on all rows or pages qualified by stage 1 until
              commit is issued.