RC/Migrator REGENERATE VIEWS analysis option

Document ID : KB000030984
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What does the REGENERATE VIEWS analysis option do?


The REGENERATE VIEWS Analysis option is available on ALTER and COMPARE Strategies.  The valid values are Y or N.



If the data type, length, precision, or scale for a column is altered, all the views which are dependent on the altered table are checked to make sure they are still valid.  When the view is referenced in the future, DB2 requires additional resources to verify the view is still valid since it was not REGENERATE’d during the table-column alteration.

Using REGENERATE Y will cause an ALTER VIEW view-name REGENERATE to be generated.  This will occur for the base views and views on the base views.  This will save the internal structure of the view after an ALTER TABLE, therefore DB2 will not need to check the validity of the view when it is referenced in the future.