Rapid Automation (Java) Agents and Master stuck in STOPPED status

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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Rapid Automation (Java) Agents and Master stuck in STOPPED status
Detailed Description and Symptoms

?Some users have seen issues with a Master getting stuck in a STOPPED status immediately after setting up/installing new Rapid Automation Agents like BANNER/PSE/RAFTP/Informatica etc.


?When we looked at the RmiServer debug logs we saw the following message:

07:33:08.459 rfp0: AwE-5203
ErrorMsg: AwE-5203 No licenses present (6/19/12 7:33 AM)
Details: InformaticaAgent
No licenses present : InformaticaAgent : null

However, upon checking the keyfile we noticed that the customer did have a license for the Informatica agent:


What we did notice was that there was no RA_BUILDER line in the keyfile. We then found that the Informatica agent was implemented with a temporary keyfile which worked fine (as it is an enterprise key) whereas the permanent keyfile had the RA_BUILDER line missing.


?Following the investigation above, the Sales Operations group generated a new keyfile for the customer with the line below added to it:


Following the applications of the new keyfile, the customer was able to start the Master correctly.