Rally Synchronization job keeps processing

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Last Modified Date : 05/06/2018
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In version 14.4 of CA PPM, there is a job called "Rally Synchronization" that syncs data between CA PPM and CA Agile Central. This job gets stuck in the "processing" state, if the job cannot connect to the Agile Central instance mentioned in the "Integration URL". If debugging is enabled on "com.ca.ppm.agl" class, then an extract such as the one mentioned below can be seen in the "bg-ca.log":

INFO 2018-05-22 09:13:01,427 [Dispatch Rally Synchronization_8 : bg@XXXXXXXX.ca.com (tenant=clarity)] ppm.agl (clarity:admin:36259422__BA2DCC05-FC91-4267-AC7D-4EAA4C17CC97:Rally Synchronization) Processing AGL Project Sync job...time:Tue May 22 09:13:01 CEST 2018
DEBUG 2018-05-22 09:13:01,428 [Dispatch Rally Synchronization_8 : bg@XXXXXXXX.ca.com (tenant=clarity)] ppm.agl (clarity:admin:36259422__BA2DCC05-FC91-4267-AC7D-4EAA4C17CC97:Rally Synchronization) Getting Clarity Connector Instance
CA PPM Version 14.3 and 14.4.
Check if the URL mentioned in "Integration URL" is accessible from all nodes of the PPM server. Telnet on port 443 to make sure that port specific connectivity is also present. If Telnet fails to establish a connection, then the network team will have to open firewalls to the PPM server to make this communication possible.